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The second Beloved and Dignified Conference will take place on March 28 and 29th, 2025.
More details coming soon.

Beloved and Dignified:
Women Helping Women
Who Have Experienced “hell”

If one dies, can he live again? Through these days of toil and struggle, I will patiently wait until my situation changes.
Job 14:12-14 (The Voice)

Women Helping Women Heal

Many of our lives have been touched by suffering not of our own choosing. Biblically, hell (sheol in the Hebrew) can be used to designate the lowest valley, the place “under the mountains” where hope seems hidden from view (see Job 24:8). These kind of situations stir longing for the next life. In the pain, moving beyond survival is difficult and finding a safe circle that understands isn’t always easy. No matter what has happened (or may happen ahead), we are beloved and dignified daughters of God. Join us as we sit with the pain, affirm how low these valleys can be, and explore where to find God in our lowest times.

Understanding Pain and Suffering

Women of every culture and background have gone through very dark places in life. Pain has stalked us through heart-breaking betrayals, sickness, loss and death, political instability and war, addiction, abandonment and abuse.

Join us as we learn better how to help one another as we go through the sheols of life. You will leave better equipped to:

  • See yourself as God sees you

  • Celebrate your beloved status

  • Show compassion to yourself and others

  • Practically implement what you learn.


Note: Each speaker will share from their own story, offer what did and didn’t help, and share how they found God in the pain. Since these topics will be triggering, each session will give guidelines for safety, including confidentiality.

Not Recorded? Why?

While we are striving to provide a safe, healing, and honest conference for all our attendees, we also are keeping the mental health and safety of our speakers in mind. The breakout session "classes" won't be your typical three-point lessons. Instead, each of our women will be sharing very raw, personal testimonies, opening up about the most painful parts of their lives with the hope of helping others see that they are not alone.


Our speakers are excited to share, but we also recognize that this sharing will be far more intimate than what is usually presented in a conference setting. Additionally, we want to preserve the privacy of our attendees, and give them a safe space to interact during the Q&A can be challenging to be at ease if you know you are on camera!


For these reasons, the decision was made to not record these sessions out of respect for both speakers and attendees. We are truly looking forward to welcoming all to our conference, and ask that you also respect the spirit of "Beloved and Dignified" by not only respecting our decision to not record but also not using third-party recording software on your own local device.

Not Recorded

2025 Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Konzen


Reem El Khoury

Beirut, Lebanon

Claudette Lusan

Huntsville, AL

Schedule At-A-Glance

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Please adjust for your own time zone accordingly.

Friday, March 28th:

6:30-8:00pm – Friday Opening Keynote

Saturday, March 29th:

7:00-8:00am – Saturday Opening Keynote 

8:10-8:20 – Meditation

8:20-9:30 – Break Out Session #1

9:40-9:50 – Meditation

9:50-11:00 – Break Out Session #2

11:00-12:00 – Lunch

12:00-12:10 – Meditation

12:10-1:20pm – Break Out Session #3

1:30-1:40 – Meditation

1:40-2:40 – Saturday Closing Keynote

For Our Spanish-Speaking Attendees:
We will offer interpretation services for our Keynotes and a Spanish-speaking track.

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