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Jessy Tohme


Jessy Tohme was born in 1971 and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. In 1999, she was baptized as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In the year 2000, she married Moufid Tohme. They have two children, Abigail, 18, and Andrew, 20. Both are disciples.

In 2003, she and her husband, Moufid, were appointed to lead the Church of Christ in Lebanon and continue to serve in this capacity.

Jessy earned the qualification to be the sole curriculum representative of the “I Choose Us” and “Good Enough Parenting” programs in the Middle East region. She trains facilitators in these seminars and is a mental health coach. For fifteen years she has been able to use her expertise in these areas as a platform to host her own popular television and radio shows, with the goal of enhancing marriages in

the Middle East.

She serves as a board member of the international web portal for the ICOC (, and as Vice President of H.O.P.E. worldwide

Lebanon. Since 2018, she and her husband, Moufid, have served as the Regional Family Chairs for the Middle Eastern council of churches in our worldwide


As a Goodwill Ambassador for the international charity Especially the Family

(, which aims to support disciples’ families in need, Jessy has had the opportunity to help over 80 families to date in the Middle East region.

Jessy is an experienced and sought-after speaker and trainer for seminars and retreats not only in her native Middle East and in many countries around the


Traumatized & Healthy (KEYNOTE)

Life for a Middle Eastern woman is very hard and challenging. Most of us had to bear violence inflicted upon us during times of conflict and war, get abused sexually and verbally, and struggle most of our lives because of the ongoing economic crisis. In addition to the toil of our daily hustles, we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of pain and hardships, while playing the role of defenders of the Gospel, Culture and Family Values.

During this class, you will learn what to do when most of the people around, friends, family, and even the most trusted ones have failed you, how to act when you feel stuck in a dead-end situation, and mostly how the church plays a crucial role in helping others when there is no way out. I will be sharing how a single alternation in mindset can change your life and lead you closer and closer to God and you will see how God uses pain, trials and even injustice to pull us closer to Him.

Living in Fear

When your life is in constant danger, when insecurity and fear are with you every step of the way, and when loss and grief become a part of your new reality, it might seem like there's no end to it. Whether we wonder for ourselves or seek to walk with others on their journey, it is important for us to better understand how supporting one another can be vital in these circumstances. This class is about our sisters who have experienced or are experiencing political instability, ongoing war, civil strife, living in drug-lord hostage countries, economic hardship, and their effects on women in these countries and how they coped, are coping, or are managing to stay afloat.

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