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Conference Dates:
Friday, October 6th and Saturday October 7th, 2023
About Registration:
  • The registration fee is $40 per device.

  • Registration is per device, not per person. You are welcome to host a watch party for a few friends if you would like to split the cost with others in your group.

  • Due to the sensitive nature of the topics, these conference sessions will not be recorded.

  • The registration free will remain at $40 all the way up to the dates of the actual conference. There will not be an increase in the fee at any time.

Is the registration fee beyond your means?

We have two options for you!


1. Split the fee with a few friends and host a watch party. The registration fee is per device, not per person, so if you and a few of your friends can agree on which breakouts you would like to attend, you can purchase one registration, divide the fee among the attendees, and then watch the conference together on one device. In this case, one person would complete the actual registration and the other would reimburse this person for their share of the fee.

2. Request a donated registration. CLICK HERE to access the donation request form.  Requests will be reviewed and approved based on funds availability, up to 48 hours prior to the conference. Priority will be given to those who reside in countries with developing economies.

Become A "Beloved Angel":

We are providing an option to donate part or all of a registration fee, which will allow individuals with limited means to attend the conference. If you would like to donate to this,  you can do so on your registration form. You can choose to donate $40 at the time of registration, which would allow one additional person to attend. Select the "Beloved Angel" option when you register.

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