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Tammy Fleming

London, UK

Tammy Fleming served over 30 years in full-time ministry as an ordained Women’s Ministry Leader in the International churches of Christ. As part of two ex-pat mission teams to Stockholm in 1987 and Moscow in 1991, Tammy was an integral part of a miraculous wave of 27 additional church plantings across the five Nordic countries and fifteen then-Soviet Republics, which together grew to number nearly 10,000 in the next thirteen years. She has remained devoted to fostering these relationships and the development of more pastoral resources for these churches despite the devastating challenges presented by the current war in Ukraine -- her primary residence. 

Since retiring from paid ministry in 2016 (“…so that a younger person would take my position,” she would say), Tammy has become a Specialist Trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute and facilitated the training of Grief Recovery Method® Specialists for our churches in Eurasia and Eastern Europe. Earlier this year she and her husband, Andy, relocated to the UK to become members of the East London church, where they are volunteering as “empty-nester One-Year-Challengers.” For Tammy that means offering grief recovery to as many as possible and studying the Bible with women who want to know more about what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple. 

Tammy serves as the editor of the ICOC women’s website, and  on the Teachers Service Team. 

The Flemings have been married for 36 years and have two adult children and two grandsons.

Trauma and Grief, Jesus is the Healer

Well-known author and therapist Jennifer Konzen teams up with Grief Recovery Method® Specialist Tammy Fleming for a conversation about how to connect to God’s healing power in all kinds of ordinary and extraordinary situations of trauma and loss. Find out where we may need to fine-tune our beliefs to allow God’s healing to take place; what helps people recover from trauma and grief and what is not so helpful?



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