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Robin Weidner


Robin Weidner is a Certified Trauma Professional and Life Coach who specializes in trauma recovery, betrayal recovery and creative recovery. She is the author of Secure in Heart—Overcoming Insecurity in a Woman’s Life (also in Spanish, Russian and Portuguese) and Grace Calls—Spiritual recovery after abandonment, addiction or abuse (2017 Illumination International Book Awards Gold Medal winner in Recovery/Self-Help). Her other books include Eve’s Song, Sarah’s Song, Pure the Journey (with her husband Dave) and being released late Fall with Dave, Recovering Hearts—A gentle path to healing betrayal. Robin has led numerous seminars for small to large groups of women. Having been married for 42 years, Dave and Robin co-lead the Purity Restored ministry ( and lead congregational marriage and purity seminars for national and international audiences. 

Afflicted Body, Secure Heart: Healing Resilience Fatigue

Even when our bodies disappoint us, as Christians we seek to be strong, spiritual and resilient. Yet if we constantly push past our bodies, we risk ending up spiritually and emotionally fatigued and more vulnerable to illness or injury. By sharing her story of highly-sensitive health and resilience fatigue, Robin will help illuminate God’s path to balance and a secure heart.



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