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Kim Pullen

Sylva, North Carolina

Kim Pullen is a coach, writer, and speaker who shares her story of multiple betrayals, hope, and healing with other spouses who feel isolated due to sexual sin in their marriage, but don’t know how or where to begin their journey. Her ministry, Hope for Spouses, was created as an online resource for betrayed Christian wives to encourage healing through deep convictions based on a contextual reading of Scripture and active participation in a safe, spiritual community. Hope for Spouses offers an extensive video and audio library, blog, online community, recommended resources, and biblically-based guidance through one-on-one coaching. Kim can be reached at

Betrayal and Abandonment: Fears, Facts, and the Faithfulness of God

Whether your unfaithful spouse has left you, is threatening to depart the marriage, or you’re terrified they will eventually desert you and your children, the only way to face and overcome your fear of rejection and abandonment is by coming face to face with the faithfulness of God.

In this lesson, Kim Pullen will help betrayed wives identify the current state of emotional and/or spiritual abandonment in their marriage, reveal the root of our fear of marital abandonment, and learn how to overcome our fear by confronting our faithlessness in a good, faithful, and omnipotent God.



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