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Karen Nicholson


Karen Nicholson, MD, M.P.H., received her medical degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City.  She served in the United States Air Force as a physician for just over 7 years.  Upon completion of her military service, she and her family settled in San Diego.  While working on her Masters of Public Health from San Diego State University, she also worked in the Student Health Center for SDSU as well as for City College.  In 1996 she transferred to California State University San Marcos as the director of the Student Health Center.  Her duties on this campus expanded as the young campus grew.  She retired from the California State University system after 23 years as the Executive Director of Student Health and Counseling Services.  Retirement keeps her busy with hobbies, family and friends.  

Why Me, Why Now?

Sudden, unexpected loss of a spouse or child is “gut punch”. How do you move through this? How do you make sense of this? How do you not feel abandoned, shunned, or in a deep pit? How do you remain faithful and strong? Please join us as two women share our tales of loss and pain and how we have coped in maintaining sanity and spirituality. Guests will learn how to use your voice to get what you need at the time of loss, as well as to express what is unhelpful; learn ways to accept your new identity in the loss; and finding a way to still stand with God.



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