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Jolly Busingye

Nairobi, Kenya

Jolly Busingye is an accredited counselor with the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association (KCPA), pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology and a Sex Therapist in training with the Center for Sexuality in San Diego. She has been a follower of Christ since 2008 and belongs to the Daughters of Sarah's ministry. She is a volunteer counselor and grief group facilitator in the western bloc of ICOC Kenya.

Living in Fear

When your life is in constant danger, when insecurity and fear are with you every step of the way, and when loss and grief become a part of your new reality, it might seem like there's no end to it. Whether we wonder for ourselves or seek to walk with others on their journey, it is important for us to better understand how supporting one another can be vital in these circumstances. This class is about our sisters who have experienced or are experiencing political instability, ongoing war, civil strife, living in drug-lord hostage countries, economic hardship, and their effects on women in these countries and how they coped, are coping, or are managing to stay afloat.

Never Shall I Leave You: A Sister’s Keeper

Occasionally, life will present us with obstacles beyond our control, leaving us feeling helpless and lost. This class will demonstrate the significance of reaching out to other disciples wherever you might find yourself in your life's journey, as well as how we can offer others the opportunity to support us and be each other's keepers. Discover how the encounter of two sisters from completely distinct backgrounds led to a friendship that provided support and lightened the burden of an insurmountable challenge. In spite of all the fears that come along with being vulnerable, we must not underestimate the power of reaching out to our sisters and sharing our burdens.

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