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Glorimar Rivera

New Jersey

Glori Rivera is a Women’s Ministry Leader and serves as an Elder’s wife for the Central Jersey Church of Christ. Together, she and her husband of 28 years, Johnny, have led the church for the past 19 years. She loves being the mother to her two adult children, Amanda and Javier, from whom she believes she learns as much as they learn from her. Amanda and Javier are both involved in singles ministry in Southern Connecticut and Central New Jersey, respectively. Glori can be found diligently studying for her Spiritual Formation certificate at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology when she is not mentoring others, engaging in Bible study, connecting with God in nature, or chasing after Emma, her seven-year-old Border Collie.

Relax, Nothing is Under Control: A Mother and Child’s Journey Through Mental Health

All parents desire for their children to be well and healthy, and this also extends to mental health. In this class, join two mothers as they share their experiences, and how they have witnessed God's grace and provision through the ups and downs of parenting and navigating mental health.

In this class, our speakers will openly share about their respective families, the lessons learned, and regrets along the way. You will also hear from the speakers’ children, an adult and a teen, who will tell us about their personal experiences with mental illness, and share some of what has and has not been helpful at home and in their church communities.



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