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Gigi Galloway


Gisselle Galloway is a devoted Christian and a compassionate addiction recovery coach who has transformed her own life and now inspires and empowers others. After battling addiction for over a decade, she found freedom in Christ and has thrived in her recovery for more than 23 years. Gisselle is the founder of Over the Influence Recovery, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing support and guidance to women seeking sobriety. With a special focus on mentoring moms, she equips them with the tools and encouragement to break free from the chains of addiction and thrive in their journey toward a fulfilling and purposeful life. Gisselle's heart extends to teenagers and has been a featured speaker at San Diego High School to prevent drug use and guide young individuals towards healthier choices. Having battled her own addiction to drugs since the tender age of 14, she also mentors parents with troubled teens, drawing from her personal experiences to provide understanding, support, and guidance.  Residing in Poway, California, alongside her husband and their four children, Gisselle actively works to reduce the stigma surrounding substance use disorders in her community, fostering a more compassionate and understanding environment for healing and transformation. Gisselle’s incredible journey of recovery, anchored in her Christian faith, has made her a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration to many around her.

No Light at the End of the Tunnel? Find Peace in the Dark

Join us for a heartfelt gathering as we bring together two mothers who have discovered the peace that transcends understanding amidst the darkness of their child’s addiction.  

One of our courageous speakers will share her journey with vulnerability, openly discussing the weight of her own past addiction and the lingering question of its impact on her child's struggles.

The other speaker will draw you in with her own narrative of strength, resilience, and unwavering support for her child facing addiction.

Both women will share their personal experiences with uncertainty, pain, and hope, intimately experiencing the hope only Jesus can bring. By telling their story, what helped, and what didn't, they hope to offer a space of understanding, empathy, and inspiration for all who share a similar path.

Healing Hearts: Empowering Sisterhood in Conversations about Substance Use Disorder

This breakout is a transformative class where a panel of courageous and compassionate women come together to foster a safe and supportive environment for open discussions about substance use disorder and their hope in Christ. Join this panel of inspiring women as they candidly answer questions, offer insights, and provide support on what helped and what didn't in their journey toward healing and recovery. Together, let us forge a path of strength, understanding, and sisterhood in navigating the complexities of substance use disorder while being a daughter of God.

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