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Elena Carrillo


Elena Carillo had a childhood deeply rooted in the church. As the daughter of a preacher, she found herself immersed in a community centered around faith, prayer, and service. She grew up traveling and moving every couple years giving her a unique view on the world and the people in it. It showed her how complex and simple the world can be and shaped who she is today. 

However, Elena's family and husband, were plagued by the presence of addiction. She witnessed the destructive nature of substance abuse as various family members and her husband entered and exited rehabilitation programs. These experiences left a profound impact on Elena, as she saw the toll addiction took on her loved ones and the strain it took on her relationship with her husband.

Through the chaos and difficulties surrounding, Elena developed a strong sense of empathy and a desire to help others facing similar challenges. She realized the importance of support, understanding, and a non-judgmental approach in aiding individuals struggling with addiction and strives to be that support for those around her. 

Navigating Waters with Your Spouse’s Addiction

How do you see God's grace when your husband is battling an addiction? Come join two women from two different generations as they share their vulnerable stories. Attendees will leave able to identify cycle of addiction, understand how to break it, and also be strengthened to navigate the storm as they hold on to Gods promises.

Healing Hearts: Empowering Sisterhood in Conversations about Substance Use Disorder

This breakout is a transformative class where a panel of courageous and compassionate women come together to foster a safe and supportive environment for open discussions about substance use disorder and their hope in Christ. Join this panel of inspiring women as they candidly answer questions, offer insights, and provide support on what helped and what didn't in their journey toward healing and recovery. Together, let us forge a path of strength, understanding, and sisterhood in navigating the complexities of substance use disorder while being a daughter of God.

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