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Candi Kizer

United States

Candi Kizer, LMFT has worked with a vast array of populations and is passionate about using a strengths-based, person-centered approach to caring for and treating her clients. By using this approach, Candi encourages her clients to internally initiate the healing process. Candi is experienced working with individuals, couples, families and adolescents. She has focused strengths working with clients suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, boundary setting, codependency, adjustment challenges, identity, crisis intervention and LGBTQIA+ issues. Candi is trauma informed, culturally aware and world experienced making her a caring and supportive therapist and woman. She is focused on ensuring that individuals feel safe to discover their true selves, develop resilience and can navigate their futures in healthy and optimistic ways.

Why Me, Why Now?

Sudden, unexpected loss of a spouse or child is “gut punch”. How do you move through this? How do you make sense of this? How do you not feel abandoned, shunned, or in a deep pit? How do you remain faithful and strong? Please join us as two women share our tales of loss and pain and how we have coped in maintaining sanity and spirituality. Guests will learn how to use your voice to get what you need at the time of loss, as well as to express what is unhelpful; learn ways to accept your new identity in the loss; and finding a way to still stand with God.



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