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Alexochitl Garcia

Mexico City/Mexico

Alexochitl Garcia, was born and was baptized in the Church of Christ in Mexico City in 1999. She has been involved in many ministries as kids and teens and music and praise. She has spent all her life living and working in Ecatepec, considered one of the most violent neighborhoods in the state of Mexico. She currently serves in the Singles Ministry, listening and supporting women to find the real joy before God.

Living in Fear

When your life is in constant danger, when insecurity and fear are with you every step of the way, and when loss and grief become a part of your new reality, it might seem like there's no end to it. Whether we wonder for ourselves or seek to walk with others on their journey, it is important for us to better understand how supporting one another can be vital in these circumstances. This class is about our sisters who have experienced or are experiencing political instability, ongoing war, civil strife, living in drug-lord hostage countries, economic hardship, and their effects on women in these countries and how they coped, are coping, or are managing to stay afloat.

The Only Safe Haven (El Unico Refugio Seguro)


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